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In 1985, shortly after suffering a major heart attack that damaged 44 percent of his heart, Dr. Oleg Yasko, ND, holistic practitioner from Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Yasko began his search for   greater understanding of how to maintain a healthy heart.

In 1995, after years of searching for and experimenting with different ideas and protocols,  Dr. Yasko came across a book by Dr. Batmanghelidj called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, which talked about the importance of proper hydration for the cardiovascular system and all aspects of good health, going as far as to discuss the healing properties of water. He was especially interested in the chapter on structured water. He immediately contacted Dr. Batmanghelidj, who explained to him that just any water would not help him; rather that he needed specially structured water to begin his body’s healing process.

After this introduction to Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book, Dr. Yasko turned his attention to water and the importance of correct hydration for maintaining a healthy heart. He set out to find the technology necessary to produce such a product as described in the book. He traveled throughout the United States as well as Europe in search of such a technology.

In 1998 a close friend and Kirlian photography researcher, by the name of Dr. Sofia Blank, told Dr. Yasko of a world renowned Russian scientist who had been researching different types of water and their affects on the body. A short time after that, a meeting was arranged between Dr. Yasko and that very scientist, Professor Viktor Inushin, in the now ex-Soviet Union. Profession Inushin, a world renowned bio-physicist, had been exploring the different properties of water for 30 years, beginning while working in the Soviet aerospace industry in research and development.

After their meeting, the two men decided to team up to create Revitalized Biogenic Activator.

Initially, Revitalized Biogenic Activator was intended for practitioner distribution only, but with success rates in patients rising by almost 70 percent, Dr. Yasko and Professor Inushin realized that Revitalized Biogenic Activator filled such a universal need.

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"I have been using (Revitalized) for some time and I find that it does appear to increase my sense of energy and vitality when I take it regularly as an additive to my spring water. Other homeopathic practitioners whom I have talked with have added it to homeopathic remedies with a significant increase in the remedy’s effectiveness on patients. I would recommend it to anyone who is either fatigued or interested in improving their level of hydration and their general health and well-being. ”
Dr. Richard Gerber, MD, and world renowned author of Vibrational Medicine
"This well-defined, perfect crystal shaped smaller clustered Revitalized Structured Water, when infused with the life enhancing frequencies, or signature, has a form and energy that enables rapid absorption and usefulness by our cells. It’s like drinking the life force itself."
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