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List of Recent Studies

Dermal Hydration - Hill Top Research

Demonstrated increased derma hydration as compared to Spring water and Tap water

Lab Analysis - Truesdail Laboratories - Tustin, CA

Establishing Cluster Size, Conductivity, Boiling Point, Viscosity, Surface Tension

RJL Testing

Measuring bio-impedence and electrical activity of cells and their membranes

Toxicity Study - University Kazakhstan – Prof. Inushin:
Demonstrated Revitalized’s ability to reduce the damaging effects of toxins in humans and animals by more than 50%

Examination of Bio-activity - Moscow State University – Prof.Voeikov:
Demonstrated the unique degree of bioactivity expressed by photonic emission intensity, the ph alkalizing effect, and increased oxygenation created by Revitalized

Agricultural and Malting Study - Altin Niva Enterprise Independent – Prof. Kantalinsky:
Demonstrated in both lab and field, Revitalized’s effect on speed of sprouting and early growth, and resulting biomass, of cucumbers, radishes and hops for beer making.

Kidney Health Study in Animals - University of Kazakhstan – Prof. Inushin:
Demonstrated the reduction of kidney stones and regeneration of kidney tissue, when Revitalized Biogenic Activator treated water is consumed on a regular basis.

Study Involving Allergy Related Pulmonary Conditions  Pulmonary Ward – Akmolisk Regional Hospital – Kazakhstan:
Demonstrated a reduction in symptoms in allergy related pulmonary conditions.

Study Involving Neurological Conditions – Neurology Ward - Akmolisk Regional Hospital – Kazakhstan:
Demonstrated a reduction in symptoms in patients with Neurological conditions.

Kirlian Photography - Dr. Sophia Blank

Measuring increased plasma field around the fingertips after drinking Revitalized Activator.

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Doctor About Revitalized Video


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Darkfield Image of Blood Before
Drinking Biogenic Activator
  Darkfield Image of Blood After
Drinking Biogenic Activator
Initially, Revitalized Biogenic Activator was intended for practitioner distribution only, but with success rates in patients rising by almost 70 percent, Dr. Yasko and Professor Inushin realized that Revitalized Biogenic Activator filled such a universal need.

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"I have been using (Revitalized) for some time and I find that it does appear to increase my sense of energy and vitality when I take it regularly as an additive to my spring water. Other homeopathic practitioners whom I have talked with have added it to homeopathic remedies with a significant increase in the remedy’s effectiveness on patients. I would recommend it to anyone who is either fatigued or interested in improving their level of hydration and their general health and well-being. ”
Dr. Richard Gerber, MD, and world renowned author of Vibrational Medicine
"This well-defined, perfect crystal shaped smaller clustered Revitalized Structured Water, when infused with the life enhancing frequencies, or signature, has a form and energy that enables rapid absorption and usefulness by our cells. It’s like drinking the life force itself."
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